Fiber to the Business

Cortez Community Network Fiber Project

The City recently formed the Cortez Community Network Enterprise Fund to handle the operations of the Network. This fund is similar to the water fund and allows revenues generated in the fiber to remain in the fund and expand the system. The network is a Multi-Service Open network that would bring fiber to each home and business that requests service.Much like building roads, the City project builds the fiber network throughout the neighborhoods and business districts in town. The Project is named the "Cortez Community Network". (CCN)

The City has signed up seven private organizations to provide services to users.They include; telephone voice services, data (internet), and video (TV). [These three services combined are often referred to as "Triple Play"]. The system could also accommodate other specialized services such as; Data Management, Hosted, and Security, home and business, Police and Fire, energy management, online tutoring, schools, and tele-medicine. The City does not provide any services - it just provides the digital road for others to use.

The City network currently has over 120,000 linear feet of fiber throughout Cortez.The current system serves City facilities, County facilities, Hospital, Fire District, and School District, and parts of the downtown core business district. Future phases will expand on the current network and grow the outside fiber plant to local homes and business. The City is currently looking to provide fiber to everyone in the City, this is called Fiber to the Home (FTTH). Stay tuned for news updates, community survey's, and project details.

Available Service Providers

  • Farmers Telephone: 970-562-4211
  • Fore 1-303-815-1814
  • Velocity Net: 970-560-2577
  • Cedar Networks: 970-385-2500
  • Fast Track Communications, Inc.: 970-247-3366
  • Data Safe Services: 970-759-2229
  • Alpine Security: 970-565-1120