The Public Drop-Off at the City Service Center has bins available for aluminum, cardboard, tin/steel ferrous metals, and #1 and #2 plastics ONLY!  


The Montezuma County Landfill (26100 Road F) does accept "newspapers & books" and "office paper" (as separate commodities).   Call the Landfill at 970.565.9858 with questions.


ALUMINUM CANS:   CLEAN aluminum cans, pans, and foil.

CARDBOARD MIX:   CLEAN brown paper, corrugated cardboard, and paperboard products (cereal boxes, cracker boxes, Kleenex boxes, etc.). 

TIN/STEEL FERROUS METALS:   CLEAN tin and steel cans, as well as small ferrous items (pots, pans, etc.).   If a magnet sticks to it, then it’s a ferrous metal. 

    At this time, we are not able to take any other recycling products at the drop-off center.  NO GLASS.  NO NEWSPAPER OR MIXED OFFICE PAPER.


Recycling consists of weekly curbside recycling collection service and a public drop-off station at the city service center in the Industrial Park.  Curbside recycling does not operate on holidays.

ECortez is a weekly curb-side pick-up recycling program that the city initiated in July 1991. Currently, the city collects cardboard, aluminum beverage cans, tin and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, office paper and type #1 and #2 plastics (these items need to be separated). 

There is a public drop off located at the City Service Center, at the Industrial Park, for some bulk items (cardboard, plastics, and metal).  All recycling products need to be separated into their designated dumpster. You can view a map of the weekly recycling routes.

Paint & Appliances

There are two PAINTCARE sites in Cortez that recycle unwanted paint, stain, and varnish. 

Empire Electric Association ( )  EEA now offers refrigerator and recycling credits year-round.

How ECOrtez Works 

An 18-gallon green recycling bin is utilized by one and two-family dwellings. These bins are the property of the City of Cortez and each one has a number and is assigned to a particular address. Please set a good example for your neighbors by not using the bin for anything other than recycling.

If you move, please leave the bin at your present address. If you do not intend to use the bin provided, please contact the Recycling Division at 565-7320 ext. 3352 and arrangements will be made to have the bin picked up.

It’s easy to recycle…all you do is separate and store your recyclables within the provided bin, then put the bin out by the curb in front of your property on the same day your garbage is normally picked up (some locations may vary).  Please have the bin out by 6 a.m.  Recycle items must still be placed by the curb in front of your property. If you generate more recyclable material than your bin can hold, you can call the Service Center and have a second bin delivered (limit two per household).  Households may provide their own bins (of similar size) if they require additional space.

Holiday Pick-Ups 

Residential recycling bins will not be emptied on holidays. Holiday pick-up schedules will be posted on the City website.

What happens to all this stuff? 

The City contracts with the Montezuma County Landfill to bale the cardboard. The landfill then sells the material to recycling brokerage companies, who in turn sells the raw material on the open market.  The aluminum, tin, and steel cans are taken to local scrap yards for processing. The trees and bushes that are pruned by city employees are chipped and used at the golf course and in the parks as mulch.

View a list of additional recycling resources or use the Trash / Recycling tool below for additional recycling and disposal services in Cortez and Montezuma County.