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2022 City of Cortez Grant Guidelines

  1. 2022 Community Support Grant Guidelines

    2022 City of Cortez

    Grant Guidelines

    Each year, the Cortez City Council budgets money from the General Fund to support community organizations that preserve or enrich the health, education, welfare, and fitness of the community.  


    The Cortez City Council endeavors to promote community support organizations through this grant process.  Community support organizations may receive grants to support activities and programs that are accessible to the City of Cortez community and encourage the development of healthy community organizations that provide programs for citizen welfare and education in the region.  Council funding priorities for 2022 are: 

    1.    Nonprofits with verification of status from the State of Colorado.

    2.    Organizations that address a unique community need.

    3.    Organizations that serve a broad spectrum of the community.

    4.    Organizations that avoid overlapping services.

    5.    Established service providers.


    Cortez City Council will consider proposals from community organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria: 

    1.    Applications will be accepted from organizations that provide programs for citizen welfare, arts and education.  Programming and activities shall be accessible to the City of Cortez community.

    2.    Only one (1) application may be submitted per organization.  Application can be obtained online at or hard copies are available at City Hall.  Completed applications can be submitted electronically to or can be mailed or delivered to City of Cortez, 123 Roger Smith Ave., Cortez, CO  81321, Attn:  Debbie Speer.

    3.    Grant requests for $5,000 or less shall be made using the City of Cortez’ grant application.

    4.    Supplemental documentation may only be sent to members of the Cortez City Council or Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at their request.


    If you received funds for 2021, a follow-up report on the use of any City of Cortez funds awarded for 2021 is required with the application or by October 1, 2021 if the applicant does not apply for a 2022 grant.


    Each application will be evaluated according to its strengths, merits, and completeness.  Amount of awards, funding agreements, and comments to applicant organizations will be mailed out in December of 2021.


    5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 8, 2021.

    Completed applications can be emailed to or dropped off/mailed to City Hall (123 Roger Smith Ave., Cortez, CO  81321), Attention Debbie Speer.

    Late, incomplete (i.e. submitted without all questions answered or without required follow-up report), or faxed applications will not be accepted or considered.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


    The funding period is January 1 through December 31, 2022.  Most payments will be mailed in early January.


    Nondiscrimination:  including statutes prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, creed, disability, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, or marital status.

    Credit/Acknowledgement:  grantee agrees that a notice will be included in appropriate announcements and promotional efforts stating:

    “This activity/event/program is supported by a grant from the City of Cortez.”

    2021 City of Cortez 

    Grant Application

    Application must be completed IN FULL in order to be considered.  Supplemental documentation may only be sent to members of the Cortez City Council at their request.  

    Application Deadline is 5:00 p.m. on October 8, 2021.  Please submit via this link or email to or deliver/mail one (1) original to:

                        City of Cortez

                        123 Roger Smith Ave.

                        Cortez, CO  81321

                        Attn:  Debbie Speer

                        (970) 564-4019


  2. Part 1: Applicant Information
  3. Part 2: Grant Request
  4. State precisely:
  5. 2. Geographical location of where funds will be expended. *Quantify the percentage of programs/activities accessible to the community of the following locations (percentages should add up to 100%):
  6. Part 3: Financial Information

    Attach the following financial statements for your organization.  Be sure that attachments are labeled.  Please do not send full audit, only the information listed:

  7. Current year to date and previous completed fiscal year

  8. Current year to date and previous completed fiscal year

  9. All Year 2020 grant recipients that are applying for 2021 funds are required to submit a follow-up report on the Year 2020 organization.

    Reports should include, but not necessarily be limited to:

    1.    Number of people served
    2. Actual use of funds
      1.    Budget items
      2.    Geographical location where funds were expended (quantify the percentage of programs/activities accessible to residents of the following locations:  City of Cortez, Montezuma County, and outside of Montezuma County)
    3.     Describe how your organization/program benefited the community
    4.     Describe any problems with your programming or organization that City Council should know about
    5.    Other
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