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Banner Installation Request Form

  1. Banner Installation

    Please fill out application and RETURN TO SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR AT LEAST THIRTY (30) DAYS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED CLOSURE, along with all required information. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  The form can be printed and submitted at the Colorado  Welcome Center at 928 E Main St in Cortez of scanned and emailed to 

    (The following streets cannot be closed: Empire, Mildred, North Ash, North Washington, & South Beech.) The street closure is not approved until signed by the City representatives.  With specific questions regarding street closure requests in the City of Cortez please call: 970-565-7320.  


    1. MATERIALS – Banners shall be made of at least 90% mesh material that allows wind flow through the banner. Additional wind pockets are recommended for large banners. Horizontal edges shall be reinforced and have grommets at a maximum spacing of three feet (3’). 2. DIMENSIONS – Banner width (horizontal) shall not exceed thirty feet (30’) and should be at least ten feet (10’) wide. Banner height shall not exceed four feet (4’) and should be at least three feet (3’) in height. Minimum size - 3’ x 10’. Maximum size - 4’ x 30’. 3. Display of banner is limited to 15 days per year per banner. 4. The bottom of the banner will be a minimum of 20’ above the ground. 5. No commercial or private advertising is allowed. Phone number, address, website URL, and e-mail address are not allowed. 6. Messages on the banner are to be held to a minimum to reduce the distraction time to motorists. 7. Applicant shall drop off banner to the Public Works Department at the City Service Center a minimum of 48 hours prior to hanging. Banner shall be picked up at the Service Center by the Applicant within one week of being taken down.

    Please check the box above.

    ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I/we hereby state that I/we have read the above conditions and will adhere to same.  

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    Date Applicant Notified of CDOT Approval / Disapproval (circle one):_________________________________________  

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