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City of Cortez Street Closure Request Application

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  2. Please fill out application and RETURN TO SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR AT LEAST THIRTY (30) DAYS PRIOR TO THE REQUESTED CLOSURE, along with all required information. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  The form can be printed and submitted at the Colorado  Welcome Center at 928 E Main St in Cortez of scanned and emailed to

    (The following streets cannot be closed: Empire, Mildred, North Ash, North Washington, & South Beech.) The street closure is not approved until signed by the City representatives.  With specific questions regarding street closure requests in the City of Cortez please call: 970-565-7320.  

  3. Submit the Following With Your Application: PLEASE CHECK ALL*

    _1. Map of area to be closed, showing locations of structures, barricades, security personnel, location of activities, fencing, and ingress/egress (if applicable). ___2. Signatures of support from businesses and residents in the affected area (failure of a neighboring party to sign will not necessarily void the permit application). ___3. Traffic Control Plan. ___4. Trash and sanitation plan. ___5. Certificate of Insurance that shows the following: A. The City of Cortez named as additionally insured. B. A minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence primary coverage & $2,000,000 annual aggregate. C. A minimum 30 days notice of cancellation. D. Host and general liquor liability coverage if applicable. E. A minimum of $1,000,000 personal and advertising injury coverage. F. A minimum of $50,000 fire damage.

  4. Agreement of Request:

    By execution of this release, the undersigned agree(s) not to sue a released party and agree(s) that they are releasing any right to make a claim or further to file a lawsuit against any released party. The undersigned further agrees to defend and indemnify each released party for any and all claims of the undersigned and/or a third arising in the whole or in any part from the participants; participation in the activity. The undersigned agrees to pay all costs and attorney’s fees incurred by any released party in defending any claim or suit brought by or on behalf of the undersigned, his/ her heirs, successors, and assigns. APPLICANT: Signature:_____________________________ Title:_________________________ Print:_________________________________ Date:_________________________ 


     _____________________________________ ______________________________ Chief of Police/Date

     _____________________________________ ______________________________ Director of Public Works/Date

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