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81321 Launch Application

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  2. 81321 Launch!

    You can submit an idea at any time. Our trustees typically vote at the end of each month and use the following criteria when deciding who wins.

    • Does the project make Cortez an amazing place to call home?
    • Does the money produce something tangible that can be seen, felt, or experienced?
    • Does the project engage the broader community
    • Does the project bring something new, innovative, and unique to Cortez?
  3. Only projects that are based in Cortez, Colorado will be considered.

    Additionally, there are a few uses of the funds that we will NOT consider:

    • As seed funding for a for-profit start-up.
    • Paying yourself or purchasing supplies that will solely benefit the project leader.
    • Funding for a project as for-profit or sales that directly benefit the applicant artist.
  4. Briefly describe yourself & your relationship to the City of Cortez.

  5. This is how your application will be referred to in our grant committee. You may call your project anything you like.

  6. Briefly describe your project. Please include how this project will impact the City of Cortez.

  7. Please enter a more detailed estimated cost for your project.

  8. Please note, 81321 Launch will not fund projects that promote overt political or religious ideology, political candidates for any office, depictions of violence, etc.

    Most designs will need to be approved before funding can be received. Please upload any design elements of your project with your application. If you have questions please contact Helen West at

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