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Parque de Vida


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Amphitheater (optional)
  3. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  4. Basketball Court
  5. Benches
  6. Bike Trail
  7. BMX Track
  8. Fishing
  9. Football Field
  10. Grill
  11. Parking
  12. Performance Stage
  13. Picnic Areas
  14. Picnic Shelters (optional)
  15. Picnic Tables
  16. Playground
  17. Playing Surface Lighting
  18. Restrooms
  19. Sand Volleyball Court
  20. Skate Park
  21. Soccer Field
  22. Tennis Court
  23. Trails
  24. Water
  25. Wildlife Pond

Parque de Vida is located on Mildred Street, across from Centennial Park.  Parque de Vida offers a wide variety of activities with its 3 multi-purpose fields, baseball field, softball field, 2 basketball courts, 4 tennis courts, skate park, bmx track, picnic shelters, amphitheater, playground, and sand volleyball courts.  The amphitheater and the east playground picnic shelter may be reserved.


  1. Parque de Vida - Amphitheater

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  2. Parque de Vida - BMX Track

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  3. Parque de Vida - East Playground Picnic Shelter

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  4. Parque de Vida - Rotary Ball Fields

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