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Business Beautification Mini Grant


    Cortez-based businesses and nonprofits can apply for up to $300 in matching funds

    In order to assist small businesses in creating a positive commercial environment, The City of Cortez is accepting applications for its Cortez Business Beautification Mini Grant program. The City may provide a matching grant of up to $300 for the purchase of materials utilized in the enhancement of a business’s existing façade or primary public entrance. Projects could include the purchasing of flowers, flower pots, potted bushes, other vegetation, paint for exterior, or window cleaning and painting. The program will begin April 18 and run until September 1, 2022. Funds are limited. Qualifying requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis, while funding lasts.

    Eligible Projects Include:

    • Painting of building façade.
    • Purchasing and placement of flowers, potted bushes, other vegetation.
    • Window cleaning and temporary window painting.
    • Replacing or upgrading exterior deteriorated materials.

     Qualifications and Criteria:

    • Cortez Businesses with a current sales tax license and Cortez nonprofits can apply.
    • Businesses and nonprofits must be located within the city limits of Cortez and have a current public-facing façade. Home based businesses are ineligible.
    • Approved improvements apply to exteriors only.
    • The maximum grant reimbursement consideration shall be $300.
    • Applicant must obtain project approval prior to purchasing materials and will be reimbursed upon submittal of receipts and photos of improvements and W-9.
    • Projects must commence within 60 days of approval date and must be completed by September 1, 2022.
    • Beautification projects must be compliant with the land use code as it pertains to landscaping or exterior improvement requirements at businesses.
    • All materials and vegetation must be purchased from Montezuma County businesses.
    • Applicants may obtain a request form at City Hall, the Colorado Welcome Center, or online at: (go to the search bar and type in Business Beautification.)   You can also go to the link


    Contact: - (970) 564-4096

    Please return completed form and W-9 to City Hall or the Colorado Welcome Center.

  3. When turning in receipts please also have a W-9 to present to the City Finance Department to be reimbursed.
  4. By checking this box I certify that the products I am purchasing for reimbursement are for the use at or on my business within the limits of the City of Cortez only.
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