Parks, Recreation & Forestry

The Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Parks and Recreation Director concerning the Parks and Recreation Department programs policies, procedures, park and master plan development, park rules, and long-range plans.


  • 7 a.m.
  • Third Friday of the month
  • Cortez Recreation Center
    425 Roger Smith Avenue
    Cortez, CO 81321


  • George Tripp, Chair
  • Kenneth Quigley, Vice Chair
  • Michael Lavey, Member
  • Alan Klein, Member
  • Roman Jefferson, Member
  • Abe Proffitt, Member
  • Teri Paul, Member
  • Vacant, Youth Member
  • Vacant, Youth Member
  • Matthew Keefauver, Councilmember
  • Director of Parks and Recreation Creighton Wright

Membership Requirements

There are nine members appointed by City Council, all members must be residents of Montezuma County. Ex-officio board of advisers shall consist of one City Council member and Parks and Recreation staff, including but not limited to the director of parks and recreation.