How do I request an Interlibrary Loan item?

Since we are part of the Colorado Library Consortium, we can request books from other libraries. There are several ways to request an ILL:

  • Call us at (970) 565-8117
  • Use the Book Request Form on our website (perfect for after hours!)
  • Visit us and ask at the front desk

If you are curious to find out whether your item is available from another library, you can go to Prospector and use the search there. Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Prospector is a union catalog of  nearly 200 academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Prospector gives library patrons and staff access to more than 30 million books, journals, DVDs, CDs, videos and other materials held in the Prospector member libraries. With a single search, patrons can find materials and request free delivery to their local library via the Colorado Library Courier. 

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