Where do I pay my ticket?

Options for making a payment on tickets received are as follows, a.) appear in person at the Municipal Court office, located at City Hall, b.) through the mail, make check or money order payable to City of Cortez-Cortez Municipal Court, 123 Roger Smith Avenue, Cortez, Colorado 81321 or c.) over the phone (970)-565-7952 with a debit card or credit card.  There is a drop box behind the west entrance to City Hall for parking tickets and payable tickets with amounts (blue box on pole).  *At this time, payments cannot be accepted online. 

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1. Where do I pay my ticket?
2. Can I pay my ticket without going to court?
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4. Can I get my ticket deferred?
5. Do I have to pay court costs even if I don't go to court?
6. The DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles would not let me renew my license and told me to contact Cortez Municipal Court.
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