Vendor Information

Vendor Information - How to Do Business with the City

Dear Vendor,

The City of Cortez is a member of the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. This automatic bid notification system allows your company to receive messages anytime any of the participating agencies issue bid opportunities that match your company's line of business.

Participating agencies post all of their bids, quotes, requests for proposal, construction notices, addendum's and awards on this one centralized system. A list of the current agency members can be found at, Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing

If you would like to receive bid opportunities from the City of Cortez, we recommend registering your company online. To register, visit Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing . Once there, use the "Registration" link and follow the instructions to complete the registration form.

By creating an account, your company will receive bid opportunities from the City of Cortez as well as instant access to all opportunities posted by the other participating agencies.

In addition, this system offers an e-mail notification service, which automatically sends you a message anytime any agency issues bids, addendum's, and awards that match your selected product and service codes.

If you need help or need assistance in any way, please call Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System technical support department at (800) 835-4603, Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

We look forward to providing you with more bid information, less paperwork and simplifying the processes for everyone involved.We thank you for your cooperation and welcome your participation!

Bids for City

Invitation to bid will also be posted under Bids & RFP's with a link to Rocky Mountain E Purchasing, where a complete bid packet can be obtained.

Local Vendor Preference

Adopted by Resolution 14, Series 2021

The City of Cortez supports the procurement of goods and services locally;

The City Council adopted the “Local Vendor Preference” for the procurement of goods and services on June 8, 2021, as stated below;

Business located within the City Limits = 2.5% Vendor Preference

Business located in Montezuma County not in City Limits = 2% Vendor Preference

Total amount of preference is not to exceed $25,000.

In City and County preference cannot be combined. 

"Local Vendor” is determined by;

An established business located within the City of Cortez City limits shall be eligible for the 2.5% preference.

An established business located within the boundaries of Montezuma County shall be eligible for the 2.0% preference.

A business outside the City Limits or County boundaries with a sales representative who works out of his home within the City or County limits does not qualify for preference. 

Goods and services procured with the aid of grant funding and/or Federal or State of Colorado funds;

The City local vendor preference shall defer to the procurement rules of the grant or funding entity.