Water Conservation

Since Southwest Colorado had a below-average snowfall this past season that was bolstered by March storms, it is imperative that we stay vigilant in our water uses.  The city has adopted a  Water Conservation Resolution in 2021 - all water users need to practice conservation of our water supplies and be extra careful not to waste water.  The city has a conservation brochure to help with ideas on how to conserve your water.

To view the 2018 Water Conservation Plan , Appendices, and Appendix Addenda, click here.

In addition to the Water Conservation Plan, a Drought Management and Mitigation Plan was needed to prepare for responses to varying drought conditions.   The Cortez City Council recently adopted the Drought Management and Mitigation Plan (DMMP) through Resolution No. 12, Series 2023.

The primary focus of the DMMP is on best management practices to manage water demand, while evaluating options for alternate water sources.  This Plan is a framework of forward-leaning planning for scenarios and objectives, managerial and technical actions, and potential response systems in order to better respond to drought conditions.  It establishes a Drought Management Task Force to monitor and assess drought conditions and make recommendations to City Council as necessary.   This Plan identifies five drought stages with triggers based on flow and reservoir levels, and identifies response actions for each drought stage, as well as establishing water use allocations.   The Plan is a living document and will be updated on a periodic basis, or as needed. 

According to their website, “The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) strongly recommends that water providers and state and local governmental entities develop a plan.  Drought mitigation planning is critical to preserving essential public services and minimizing the adverse effects of a water supply emergency on public health and safety, economic activity, environmental resources, and individual lifestyles.”  

For more information on the City’s Drought Management and Mitigation Plan, contact the Public Works Department in the City Service Center at 970.565.7320.