Suggestions for Coloring Book Entries

Artists may choose any building, site, living space, or event of historical significance for their entry. City staff & the Public Arts Advisory Committee members have curated ideas for inspiration. Our lists are not exhaustive, don't be confined to them!

Remember, you do NOT need to draw an exact replica of the provided photos. We welcome your creativity and imagination. 

The true history of this community stretches further back than the naming & designation of Cortez. We welcome diverse & nuanced submissions to tell this story.

Combine what the Calkins Building might have looked like as a school in 1910 with how it looks today. Merge the current Cortez High School Marching Band with the uniforms shows in the photo from 1926. Consult with an archeologist and imagine what Hawkins Pueblo may have looked like while inhabited over 1,000 years ago. Have fun! Be creative!

Historic Buildings

Historic BuildingsHistoric NameAddressYear Built & other notes
Calkins Building
121 E Main Street, CortezBuilt in 1909, this was the first high school in Cortez. Before the Calkins building was built, students had to go to Mancos for high school.

Photo from 1909.
Wilson BuildingStone Block Building16 W Main Street, CortezBuilt in 1889, this was constructed by Peter Baxstrom using stone from a quarry in Hartman Draw.

Photo from 1900's
Photo from 1940's.
KSJD & Sunflower TheaterMontezuma Valley Bank8 E Main Street, CortezBuilt in 1909.
Cortez Cultural Center
EL Lamb Mercantile25 N Market Street, CortezBuilt in 1909.
St. Barnabas Church

110 W North Street, Cortez
Burger Boy Drive-In
400 E Main Street, Cortez
Slaven's Tru Value
237 W Main Street, Cortez
Brand Central
Bru's House of Color113 E Main Street, CortezThe block & brick front portion was built in 1944. The brick work displays a southwest style design.
Ertel Funeral Home
42 N Market Street, CortezThe Ertel family has been running the funeral home since 1921. The building was constructed circa 1935.

Recent Photo of Ertel Funeral Home
The Farm BistroCortez Post Office34 W Main Street, CortezThe original building from 1886 was destroyed in a fire in 1908. The new building was constructed in 1909 and served at the Post Office for over 40 years.
Retro Inn

2040 E Main Street, Cortez*this is not a designated historic building, but it pays homage to the autotourism era of Cortez.
Main Street Brewery

21 E Main Street, CortezBuilt in 1927.
Love on a Hanger
McEwen Hall34 E Main Street, CortezThis building supposedly came from Rico, Colorado after Mr. McEwen won it in a Poker game. The first movie in Cortez was shown here in 1911.
Montezuma County Courthouse
109 W Main Street, Cortez
Blatchford Home
207 E First Street, Cortezbuilt in 1889/1890 and is one of the oldest homes in Cortez.
St. Margaret Mary Churchsite of Congregational Church, 1889
28 E Montezuma Street, CortezThe current church, built in 1950, sits on the site of the first church in Cortez. That church, the Congregational Church, was built in 1889 and burned in 1930.

Photo of Congregational Church c. 1900
Zu Gallery
Havran Cleaners
48 W Main Street, Cortez
The original building (no longer present) on this location was built in 1890. The current building was remodeled in 1948 to its present-day appearance.
***More buildings & longer descriptions can be found in the Walking Tour Brochures section at the bottom of the Historic Structures & Preservation Page

Historic Signs

Historic Sign
Year Built
Tomahawk Lodge
728 S. Broadway, Cortez
The motel was built in 1950.

Postcard of the Tomahawk Lodge.
Fiesta Theater
21 W. Main Street, Cortez

Aneth Lodge
645 E. Main Street, Cortez
The lodge was built in 1957.
Cork 'n Bottle
443 E. Main Street, Cortez

Historic Sites, Natural & Living Spaces

Archaeological SiteAddress*other notes
Castle Rock Pueblo
Sand Canyon Trail, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

Carpenter/Geer Natural Area
CortezThere is some evidence of a CCC camp from the 1930s in the area.

Photo of Carpenter Trail Sign
Photo of Geer Trail Sign
Photo of cattails in the park
Photo of the paved trail
Photo of the mountain biking trail
Hawkins Preserve / Hawkins Pueblo1490 S. Cedar Street, Cortez
Indigenous Animals
coyote, porcupine, fox, desert cottontail, black bear, mountain lion, bobcat, beaver, gopher, prairie dog
Check out these images from Mesa Verde National Park
Indigenous Plants
yarrow, sagebrush, big gama grass, ferbrush, whipples cholla, rabbitbrush, claretcup cactus
Check out the Native Plants list from the Cortez Cultural Center

Cattails in Carpenter-Geer Natural Area
McElmo Canyon Flume29815 US-160, CortezPhoto of Flume in use, c. 1980
Flume long view
Photo of Flume in 2002
Mesa Verde National Park
*established in 1906 - the first national park to protect human-made structures
Mitchell Springs

Montezuma AvenueCortez
Saddle Horn Pueblo
Sand Canyon Trail, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument
Saddle Horn Pueblo
Saddle Horn Pueblo smaller
Sleeping Ute MtnTowoac, ColoradoPhoto from Scott Smith