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Business Card and Email Signature Preference

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    Michael Lavey bc
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    Mark Boblitt bc
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    jeremy patton bc_Page_1
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    David Schaak BC
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    1. Name, title, Organization, Phone, website

    Jon Brooks

    Communication and Events Manager

    City of Cortez 



    2. Name, title, Organization, work address, Phone, website


    Drew C. Sanders

    City Manager

    City of Cortez

    123 Roger Smith Ave.

    Cortez, CO  81321

    Ph: 970-564-4008

    3.  Name, Title, Organization, Phone Email

    Dean Palmquist, CPRP
    Parks & Recreation Director
    City of Cortez
    (970) 564-4081


    4. Name, Title, Address, Phone, Logo

    Matt Cashner

    Director of Human Resources

    123 Roger Smith Ave.

    Cortez, Co. 81321

    (970) 564-4018 


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