Street Cleaning

Residential Sweeping Schedule

First week of the month:

  • Sweep north side of Main Street from Montezuma to Empire and from Broadway to Park Street.
  • Sweep streets north of Empire from Austin and west to Ridge Drive.

Second week of the month:

  • Sweep south side of Main Street from First to Seventh Street and from Broadway to and including Mesa View Subdivision.
  • Sweep Verde View Subdivision and parts of Market Street, Chestnut Street, and Tenth Street south of Seventh Street.

Third week of the month:

  • Sweep from Mildred Road east to North Dolores Road, this includes all housing additions north of Empire Street from Mildred Road to North Dolores Road.

Fourth week of the month:

  • Sweep Rolling Road, Center Street, and Fairway Drive area.
  • Sweep streets south of Mancos Road and east of North Dolores Road.
  • Sweep Edith Street north of McDonalds.
  • Sweep Hwy 145 to Alamosa Street.
  • Sweep Brandon’s Gate.

Streets such as Empire Street, Oak Street, Third Street, Seventh Street, and the medians on Montezuma, (streets that don’t have cars in the way) are swept as need or time allows.

This is only a summer-time schedule from May through October. During the winter months, the downtown area schedule is kept as the weather permits. The sweepers concentrate on picking up sand as much a possible. In the fall, leaves need to be picked up on Montezuma Street and areas where trees are heavy.

In the spring, a general town cleaning is required - beginning at the downtown area working outwards toward the outlying boundaries of town.