Municipal Outdoor Pool is CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

2022 Hours

Saturday - Sunday thru September 4

Open Swim
1:00p - 4:50p

2022 Admission Fees

Daily Admission  
Youth (17 & under) $3.00
Adult (18-59) $5.00
Senior (60+) $4.00
Season Pass  
Youth $50/$40*
Adult $70/$60*
Senior $60/$50*
Family Pass** $150/$125*
Additional Youth Member $30 per youth
  1. Municipal Outdoor Pool

    Physical Address
    803 E. Montezuma Ave
    Cortez, CO 81321

    Phone: : 970-565-7877

  2. Michelle Devall

    Recreation Supervisor, Aquatics

*Fee with current Recreation Center Annual Pass equal to or great than the pass to be purchased.
**Family passes are for your immediate family members residing at your residence year round. Immediate family does not include grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins ect. A family pass covers a total of five people with a maximum of two adults per pass. If you have more than five family members, an additional $30 per youth will be assessed to the total fee.

Parent Child Rule

All children age seven and under must be accompanied by and adult (18 or over) at all times. There will be no charge for a  child under the age of four IF the adult is dressed to swim and pays the admission fee. If the adult is not swimming, $3 will be charged for every child dressed to swim, regardless of age. An adult entering the pool area to supervise a child ( and that child had paid the admission fee), will not be charged admission, unless that adult is wearing a swimming suit.

When thunder and/or lightning are first noticed, the Flash-To-Bang (F-B) method is used to determine its' distance and speed. For each five second fro F-B, lightning is one mile away. At a F-B count of thirty the pool will be evacuated. Pool activities will remain suspended until at least thirty minutes after the last thunder is heard. The pool manager on duty determines rain checks and pool closure.