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Tips to finding your perfect location

There are several key steps to starting a business in Cortez, Colorado.  Before starting your business, you will need to know the following information regarding your property and business idea: 

  • Is your property zoned for business?
  • Is your business allowed in this zone?
  • Will your business need a site plan or conditional use permit?
  • What are the signage requirements?

The City of Cortez Land Use Code defines what types of land use is allowed for a given area.  Please call the Planning and Building Department at (970) 565-3402 to speak with a planner to ensure that your location and business meet the local zoning code.  View this map to check your zoning. 

You will also need to know the following:

Please call a building official at the City of Cortez Planning and Building Department, at (970) 565-3402 for more information on building permits.   

Helpful Links

1. Decide what type of location is best for your type of business. Read this article for some insight on choosing between home-based, retail, mobile, commercial or industrial.

2. Find out what zones allow for your specific type of business. Check out the City of Cortez's allowed uses and zoning map (PDF) and matrix or call 970-565-3402.

3. Start Searching for available space. You may check the zoning of the proposed space here: City of Cortez Planning and Zoning Department and Montezuma County Property Inquiry Search

4. Once you find the perfect property there is much to consider before signing the lease or going under contract. Among your other research, be sure to contact the City of Cortez's Planning and Zoning Department to determine if your type of business is allowed at this location, if there are parking requirements and if there are any required public improvements.

City of Cortez Planning and Zoning Department
Email for general Information from Planning and Zoning

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