2021 Resolutions

Below you will find Cortez City Council passed resolutions for the year 2021.

Resolution 1: Establish Conditional Use Multifamily Residential on Lot 1 of Chism Group

Resolution 2: Resolution to Construct a 931 Square Foot Addition at 801 East Main St.

Resolution 3: Resolution Waving Fees For Liquor Licenses For Certain Bars And Restaurants for 2021

Resolution 4: Resolution Approving A Lease Of Real Property Between The City Of Cortez and CREA

Resolution 5: Resolution Approving A Lease Of Real Property Between The City Of Cortez and MVC

Resolution 6: Resolution Supporting The Application Of A State Historical Grant

Resolution 7: Resolution Approving The Amended Plat of Lots 8 and 9 of Southern Bluffs

Resolution 8: Resolution Authorizing A Mail Ballot Election on June 8, 2021

Resolution 9: Resolution Adopting A Hazard Mitigation Plan

Resolution 10: Resolution Approving Construct Of A 2400 Square Foot Building

Resolution 11: Resolution Approving NuVue Minor Subdivision

Resolution 12: Resolution Appointing Vernon Knuckles And Kelly Koskie To The Dispatch Accountability Committee

Resolution 13: Resolution Ending Local Health Emergency

Resolution 14: Resolution Changing Local Vendor Preference Policy

Resolution 15: Resolution Approving Dispatch Services Agreement

Resolution 16: Adopting Voluntary Water Restrictions

Resolution 17: Resolution In Support of Montezuma County Drought Emergency

Resolution 18: Resolution Rejecting The Grant For CDOT Project

Resolution 19: Amended Plat of the Empire Electric North Broadway Subdivision

Resolution 20: Approving Downey Street Subdivision

Resolution 21: Contract with Destiny Software

Resolution 22: Adopting a Volunteer and Board Member Policy

Resolution 23: City Council Meeting Order of Business

Resolution 24: Broadband Utility Bond

Resolution 26: Urgent Care Site Development Plan

Resolution 27: Gray 2 Lot Minor Subdivision

Resolution 28: Coffee Shop Site Development Plan

Resolution 29: Fees and Charges

Resolution 30: Refuse Collection Rates

Resolution 31: Cortez 21 Pipeline

Resolution 32: City and County Fiber Agreement

Resolution 33: Community Support Grants

Resolution 34: Historical Grant

Resolution 36: Conditional Use Permit

Resolution 37: Medical Clinic Site Plan

Water Enterprise Resolution

Cortez Community Network