Permits & Licenses

The City's Planning and Building division as well as the Public Works department review plans and issue permits for construction projects and land uses. The permitting process includes permit application, plan review, contractor approval and inspections. Licenses are issued by different departments in the city, depending on the type of license needed.

Permit Fees - Depending on the permit, fees may be required.

Building Permits - Cortez has adopted international codes that require building permits for specific work within the city including - but not limited to - Manufactured Homes, New Residential, New Commercial, Residential Remodel, Commercial Remodel, Commercial Addition, Residential Addition, Accessory Structures, Fences, Decks, Re-roofs, and Changes of Occupancy (see the FAQ's below or visit the City's Planning and Building page for more information).

Burn Permit - Burn permits are issued through the Planning and Building department located at 123 Roger Smith Ave., Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm. There is no fee for burn permits. For more information, call (970) 564-4016.

Sign Permit - A sign permit must be obtained before erecting, constructing, reconstructing, altering, painting, repainting, or changing the use of any sign in the City. Business or property owners within the central business and commercial highway districts may request designation for a historic sign. See section 5.6 of the city code for details about signs.

Right of Way Permit - A right-of-way construction permit must be obtained from the City Engineer prior to any construction, excavation, or staging materials within any public right-of-way except for services provided by the City of Cortez Public Works employees.

Grading Permit - A grading permit must be obtained from the City Engineer to control clearing, excavation, grading, and earthwork construction, including placement of fill or embankments with the City of Cortez.

Pawnbrokers License - Any corporation, partnership, or individual wishing to operate a pawn brokering establishment within the city shall be licensed and bonded.

Arborist License - Any person or firm engaging in the business or occupation of cutting, trimming, pruning, treating, or removing trees for compensation within the city must first apply for and procure an arborist / tree pruner's license.

Plumbers / Gas Fitter Licenses - International code requires plumbers and gas fitters to be licensed and insured. 

Liquor License - In order to do business with liquor within the city or to hold a special event with liquor, one must obtain a license. Visit the City Clerk page for more information.

Retail and Medical Marijuana License - In order to do business with marijuana within the city, one must obtain a license. Visit the City Clerk page for more information.

Sales Tax License- All businesses within the City of Cortez are required to obtain a sales tax license. However, a few businesses within the City are required to obtain specific, additional licenses (shown above).

Transient Merchant License - In order to conduct business as a transient merchant in the City you must first obtain a license in compliance with the provisions of the city code. 

Events- Want to host an event in Cortez? Visit the Events page for more information.

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